Interval has many new NL dates!

Check out the agenda for the update. The premiere will be Oct 15&16 at Korzo Theater Den Haag, but that’s just the beginning.

Interval excerpt in ‘De Laatste Toegift’ Zuiderstrandtheater

We will be presenting a short excerpt of our new piece Interval during ‘De Laatste Toegift’ festival on Sunday, 20 June. The event is a farewell to the Zuiderstrandtheater that will be closing down now that the new cultural centre Amare will be opening. Audience will be led in small groups throughout the building, encountering short performances in various locations. There are several starting times.

Tickets and info here:

(please note that we perform only on the Sunday!)

Every Saturday at 10:30CET Amos teaches an online guided improvisation class. Follow us on social media for updates, write us a private message on instagram or facebook for info&zoom-link.

premiere Interval postponed

We saw it coming for a while, but now it’s official: the premiere of our new creation Interval has been postponed indefinitely. It just doesn’t make sense to plan public performances right now. However, we are planning to continue the creation process and finish making the piece. Hopefully we will find our way to you soon, to share this unique project in full and in person. We’ll update when we know more.


Happy New Year to you! We’ve started it by beginning a new project called Interval. This time Aurelie, Luca, Wolf, Xanthe, Spencer and Milena will be performing and are joined on stage by the kinetic installation of Gosse de Kort. If all goes well, we’ll have a full evening piece by the 24th of February. Glimpses into rehearsal will follow soon, you can also check out our facebook/instagram @offprojects.


Unfortunately all of our shows for the rest of 2020 had to be postponed. Makes us sad, but we also realise we were extremely fortunate to be able to perform until three days ago. Hope to see you all soon, stay safe!

If you already had a ticket, your theater will be contacting you.



60 In Real Time will perform one more time in Den Haag @Zuiderstrandtheater on the 16th of December at 19:00.

We will perform for 30 people, they will be with us on stage and besides dance we will interview a special guest on the psychology of human time perception.

See our agenda for details on this show or the ones in Zutphen, Purmerend and Roermond.

Hope to see you soon!


As the theaters reopened for a capacity of 30 people per show, it looks like we have a few of 60 In Real Time coming up in December.

Purmerend (Dec 11), Zutphen (Dec 18) and Roermond (Dec 19) are next. Check our agenda for more info, some dates have 2 shows in an evening.

For reasons that don’t need any explaining, our show of 60 In Real Time this coming Saturday at Theater de Verbeelding in Purmerend was POSTPONED. We still hope to be able to do the planned shows in December and hopefully find a new date for this one. We’ll keep you updated here and on social media. Stay safe!

60 In Real Time

we’re still on

The shows of 60 In Real Time at Frascati/Amsterdam (20+21 Oct) & Zuiderstrandtheater/Den Haag (31 Oct + 1 Nov) ARE STILL ON as planned.

We do have to reduce the audience to 30 people per show, so get your tickets now to be assured of a spot.