audition notice

For the upcoming creation PART by Amos Ben-Tal/OFFprojects we are looking for experienced dancers to reinforce our team. Open to people of all genders.

If you’re interested to work with us please read the rest of this text carefully and if you are eligible and qualified apply by email to the address at the bottom. If you share this call-out with others please include the entire text. The audition-workshop will be in The Hague on Sunday, 23 January from 10:00-18:00 and is by invitation only. If we receive a lot of interesting applications we may open a 2nd group on another date in order to keep the group-size cozy.

We are looking for intelligent, sensitive, versatile and creative dancers. You need to have professional experience with and be curious about: physical research, improvisation, working with articulated/complex movement phrases, working within a group, working autonomously, quick decision making, patience, working with live music, performing in big spaces.

Working periods:

– April 2022 (nine or ten days spread)

– August 20 – September 25 2022 (main creation period)

– October 2022 – January 2023 (premiere and tour)


– Rehearsals are in The Hague or Amsterdam, shows are all over NL and some international. 

– Payment is based on the Dutch collective work-agreement for dance and theater (CAO) for free-lancers, with one small exception: At OFFprojects all team members receive the same project fee of €240 per day, regardless of role or experience.

Things to consider BEFORE you apply:

– Familiarize yourself with our work and approach to see if what we do is appealing to you and within your skill set. We are currently touring with the piece Interval so best is to come to see a show – trailer and tour dates:

There are also more videos on and background info on

– We generally prefer to engage with dancer-collaborators for longer periods and grow a relationship together. Are you also interested and available for this?

– If you work with us you need to be living in The Netherlands or otherwise capable of covering your own travel and accommodation for working periods. We take good care of our people, but we are a small company with limited resources so providing flights and apartments for out-of-country collaborators is not within our capabilities.  

– You need to have a legal status in the EU and be officially self-employed. 

We want to keep the application and audition process as personal and pleasant as possible for everyone. Please help us do that by only applying if the above is acceptable and applicable to you. We are a small team of free-lancers, so if we get too many applications that are not relevant it makes it harder for us to assess the applications properly and reply to everyone personally.

If all of the above is cool – please send us one PDF or Word document that includes your CV and video-links to:

We ask you kindly to not send video files – only links to videos that can be viewed online. 

If you have a personal message for us, please also include it in this one document, not in the body of the email! 

Deadline to apply is Wednesday, 22 December. 

Replies and invitations for the audition will be sent at the latest by Monday 10 January.

In the days after the audition we may ask for individual call-backs and/or interviews.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


insta: @offprojects