Seconds – performance installation

In the recent Cadance Festival in The Hague we presented our new performance-installation Seconds. It’s an intimate work for an audience of only 20, where the public takes an active part in determining the experience. Although confronting, the piece was extremely well received and people seemed to embrace the questions it raised in them. For that we couldn’t be more happy. The press also responded well to Seconds, with positive reviews coming from TrouwNRCTheaterkrant and Artstalk Magazine (English). We hope to be able to share this work with you again soon.

“An impressive dance installation. What Ben-Tal does with one’s perception of space, time and human interaction is extremely fascinating.” … Trouw * * * *


On November 16 we will present our new piece 30 as part of the Korzo/NDT program Here We Live And Now.
30 is a work for five dancers and forms the 2nd installment of our ongoing project 60. In this project we investigate the human concept of time-keeping and the dualities it creates in our lives (watch the trailer here). As the title suggests, 30 is half an hour long and will be joined in the program by new choreographies from Antonin Rioche, Antonin Comestaz and an installation by Greta Desirée Facchinato. Check our agenda for all the performance dates and times and for a link to order tickets.
We’ve been working on 30 on-and-off since August and are very excited to finally share it with you. In this period we’ve also added several wonderful people to our team: dancers/collaborators Luca Cacitti and Christopher Tandy and executive producer Naomi Russell.
The first part of project 60, a trio titled Triumvirate was presented in April as part of our program Just Once. The full evening version will premiere in Julidans festival in Amsterdam in July 2019.
30 is a co-production between OFFprojects, Korzo Producties and NDT, with support from ICK Amsterdam and Choreographic Center Heidelberg.
“Something to look forward to in Julidans: the 60-minute version of 30. About the ticking of time…you start to wonder more and more which organizing principle drives them. Is it something mechanical or an inner rhythm?” – De Volkskrant ****

OFFprojects Summer Workshop

From July 30 to August 4, OFFprojects organizes a unique workshop in Korzo Theater, The Hague. The workshop is dedicated to OFFprojects’ new production  ’60’ that will have its première in the summer of 2019. Parallel to the creation OFFprojects offers dance students and professionals the opportunity to step into the process and deepen in the work of choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and the collective.

Every day will be packed with new physical experiences, reflection and discussion.

Max. 15 particpants (age 18+)
Costs: 250 euro.

You can subscribe for the workshop by sending in a short motivation, CV and video-links – before June 15th – to From the applications we select 15 dancers that will receive an invite to participate.

Looking back at Just Once

We’d like to thank everyone that joined us for ‘Just Once’ in Korzo Theater on Friday April 13th. For those of you who could not make it, here are some words and images in order to get an impression. It was a very special event for us: literally a once in a life time moment. A confronting and exciting experience and a joy to share new dance, texts and music with all of you. We revisited the piece Ziggurat (originally from 2007), showed a sneak preview of our new project ’60′ and played brand new songs of Noblesse. Sharing this work with you inspired us to continue working and we are looking forward to getting back to creating. Keep an eye out for us! For now, thank you all for your support, attention and inspiration!

Just Once

On Friday April 13th, choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal and his collective OFFprojects present the one-time event Just Once at Korzo Theater, Den Haag. The unique triple bill is a combination of dance, text and music; celebrating the full range of Amos’ creative work and OFFprojects’ unique relationship with its audience. The evening includes a preview of OFFprojects’ new creation ’60’ (premiere summer 2019), a revamped new version of Ziggurat from 2007 and some new songs by Amos’ band Noblesse accompanied by live lo-fi visuals by Xavier van Wersch..

Just Once will take place on Friday, April 13 at Korzo Theater, Den Haag. Make sure to order your tickets in time.

Amos on Podium Dans

Podium Dans is NPO Cultura’s weekly dance-program. The program features different choreographers and artistic directors of prominent dance-companies from the Netherlands.  In the week of November 6th, Podium Dans was fully dedicated to Amos’ work and to OFFprojects. Several weeks ago the camera crew visited a rehearsal of Howl prior to the performance in Theatre Ins Blau in Leiden. They did an interview in order to shed light on our various productions, inspirations and the unique working method we utilize as a collective. You can watch the episode here.

Podium Dans NTR Cultura Amos Ben-Tal

Interview Amos Ben-Tal in De Gelderlander

For the newspaper De Gelderlander, Bianca Hendriks interviewed Amos about our performance HOWL. Read the full interview here. (Dutch only)

Interview HOWL Amos Ben-Tal de Gelderlander

Zeeland Nazomerfestival, in retrospect

On August 29 to 31st, we performed Howl at the Zeeland Nazomerfestival in Middelburg. We were invited to present the piece in the building of Waterschap Scheldestromen. The huge windows gave us a beautiful back drop that offered us and the audience a direct view over the canal and the  city. We thank everyone for three amazing sharings. And thank those who left us with their great feedback after the performance and online.

“I am still speechless after seeing HOWL at Zeeland Nazomerfestival. We were seated on stage. And that was awesome. We did not only see the performers from closeby but we even felt the air moving when they passed by. And then the beautiful music by Spinvis… I will not give away the rest. Go see for yourself when you have the chance!” – audience member about Howl at Zeeland Nazomerfestival

In October-December we continue our Dutch theatre-tour. Make sure you order your tickets in time. Check out the tourdates in the agenda.

HOWL at Zeeland Nazomerfestival

On August 29th to 31st we present our piece HOWL at Zeeland Nazomerfestival in Middelburg! Be aware that the ticketsales is going fast. So make sure to buy your ticket in time. You can find the ticketsales here.

“An innovative performance, in which all the components eventually merge into a balanced collage.”, 2017

“Howl is a lively and poetic multidisciplinary danceperformance in which the audience is taken on a journey through a world of memory, imagination and beliefs. […] Briljant.”, 2016

HOWL – Zeeland Nazomerfestival
Dates: 29, 30, 31 augustus
Time: 19.00
Location: Waterschap Scheldestromen, Middelburg
Price: 17,50 euro / CJP 15 euro

photo: Parcifal Werkman

première + tour 7even

Amos is one of the seven choreographers that were invited by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten to join their project: 7even. Amos will therefor travel to France to work together with dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille and ICK. They will create a new piece highlighting the state of the body.

7even comprises 7 new works, each lasting 7 minutes, composed by 7 artists and featuring 7 dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille and ICK, based on Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten’s artistic manifesto The 7 Necessities, in collaboration with the Festival de Marseille.

7even amos ben-tal ickAn intense new work centred on the body and an innovative project showcasing a new generation of choreographers who have emerged from the international contemporary scene. Coming from a variety of cultures and disciplines, Amos Ben-Tal, Ayelen Parolin, Ula Sickle, Nacera Belaza, Faustin Linyekula, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing and Joeri Dubbe will offer their version of this manifesto centred on the body in their own language in order express their particular “necessities”.

Fr 23 June 2017 Marseille (FR) | 20.30u
Festival de Marseille (world première)

Sat 24 June 2017 Marseille (FR) | 20.30u
Festival de Marseille

Sun 25 June 2017 Marseille (FR) | 20.30u
Festival de Marseille

Wed 5 July 2017 Amsterdam (NL) | 21.00u
Julidans Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg

Thur 6 July 2017 Amsterdam (NL) | 21.00u
Julidans Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg

Wed 20 Sep 2017 Rotterdam (NL)
Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Sat 23 Sep 2017 Amsterdam (NL)
Theater De Meervaart (tijdens festival ICKfest)

Thur 28 Sep 2017 Heerlen (NL) |20.30u
Parkstad Limburg Theaters

Fr 29 Sep 2017 Breda (NL)
Chassé Theater

Wed 11 Oct Utrecht (NL) | 20.00u

Fr 13 Oct Hoofddorp (NL) | 20.15u
Theater De Meerse

Wed 18 Oct Delft (NL) | 20.15u
Theater De Veste

Fr 20 Oct Leeuwarden (NL)
Stadsschouwburg de Harmonie

Wed 1 Nov 2017 Tilburg (NL) | 20.15u
Theaters Tilburg

Sat 4 Nov Groningen (NL)
Theater de Oosterpoort

Tues 14 Nov 2017 Haarlem (NL)
Toneelschuur Haarlem

Tickets & info