Performance installation. Duration: 15min

Premiere: January 25th 2019, Cadance Festival, Den Haag


This performance-installation of exactly 15 minutes invites a small group of twenty people to explore a choreography that occurs inside a small cube. Because only four people are allowed inside the cube at one time, a system is utilized where the audience on the outside of the cube determines how long the people inside can stay to watch. This creates an interplay between people’s personal desire to see the dancers and their realization that their experience must be communal. The idea of time as a shared resource is given tangible and intimate form. 

The performance is set to a slowly developing text that explores cycles of hope and fear, acknowledging that both are a result of one’s awareness of the passing of time. The poem serves as both music and master-clock, reminding us of the subjectivity of our time experience as well as counting down the 15 minutes of the work in a precise and objective way. 

The installation Seconds is part of the umbrella-project 60, where OFFprojects investigates the human concept of time and its many dualities and contradictions.

“An impressive dance installation. What Ben-Tal does with one’s perception of space, time and human interaction is extremely fascinating.” … Trouw * * * *


concept and choreography Amos Ben-Tal | design and artistic advice Yvan Dubreuil | performance Aurélie Cayla, Rubén Garcia Arabit, Luca Cacitti, Wolf Govaerts | special thanks to  Xavier van Wersch 

Seconds is a production of OFFprojects in coproduction with Korzo productions and ICK Amsterdam and was made possible thanks to Performing Arts Fund NL.