A full-evening immersive dance performance.
As an audience we travel on the stage through a maze of walls and screens, each of us going through a slightly different journey. Sometimes the barriers separate us, sometimes they bring us together. Along the way we each meet different dancers in different situations and forge different relationships with them as they, the space and we evolve together. The fact that not one person can see the entire performance brings a tension to the experience and makes ‘the invisible’ a central player in the piece. Might is a thrilling sensual trip that asks us profound questions about individuality, intimacy and about being present in the moment.

Première: February 13th, 2015, CaDance Festival, Den Haag

Credits | Concept: OFFprojects | Choreography and music: Amos Ben-Tal | Artistic advice: Yvan Dubreuil | Dance: Amos Ben-Tal, Aurélie Cayla, Lana Čoporda, Yvan Dubreuil, Genevieve Osborne, Connor Schumacher, Milena Twiehaus | Production: OFFprojects, Korzo producties and Nederlands Dans Theater | Made possible with financial contributions by: City of The Hague

Good To Know: Might is suitable for theaters with a retractable tribune, large stages with the curtain closed or large open spaces like galleries/museums/hangars. Upon request

MIGHT. Photo’s Niels Watermulder