Site specific / installations

An overview of our location and installation works.

MIGHT – Location version

For the Museum Night 2013 event in Den Haag, OFFprojects created a short location version of their performance Might. The short performance was held in the cellar of the city’s old city hall. The audience was lead in small groups through the various chambers and hallways of the mysterious 500 year old structure, encountering various choreographic situations and textures on the way. The piece was made with support from club and fashion store HOOP and funded with crowd funding.

Take 1/ OFF 

A video, music and text installation.
A walk-in video installation originally made for CaDance Festival 2013. A succession of poetic images unfolding on three separate screens leads us to question the linearity of time and memory. Subsequent versions of the footage were later used to accompany Amos Ben-Tal’s band Noblesse at events such as Motus (NDT at Club Trouw, Amsterdam), See Me Hear Me Festival (Rotterdam), State-X New Forms festival (The Hague) and New Sound Festival (Vienna).

OFF The Wall

A video and textile installation.
OFF the Wall is a video and textile installation created for Holland Dance Festival. In this three-part work, OFFprojects created a visual process that connected three of the festival venues: Lucent Danstheater, Theater aan het Spui and Korzo Theater. Each video-object showed the same short choreography from a different perspective. The audience was invited to visit all three venues for a three dimensional dance experience.