OFFline is a sensory experience- an evening of dance, live music, installations and audience-artist interaction.
After several pre-show installations and activities that trigger the senses, the audience sits around the stage and experiences how a choreography comes to life in real-time. In this piece, choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and the dancers of OFFprojects use only movement, light and sound to create a world that has as many rules and structures as it does chance and chaos. Using Ben-Tal’s precise and intricate movement language but forced to constantly interact and choose, the dancers acquire a vulnerable yet vital quality.

In the second part of the performance the audience is invited inside the process of the choreography and members of the public can ask questions and make requests. This interaction often leads to unexpected and exciting results and ensures that every show is unique. The evening is accompanied by live music by the Silver Harp winning singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso Erik Hofland.

Première: March 21st, 2014, Korzo Theater, Den Haag

Credits | Concept & Choreography: Amos Ben-Tal | Dance: Amos Ben-Tal, Aurélie Cayla, Milena Twiehaus | Music: Amos Ben-Tal, Erik Hofland (live) | Artistic Advice Yvan Dubreuil | Installation design: Milena Twiehaus, Yvan Dubreuil | Playground installation: Lana Čoporda | Production: OFFprojects and Korzo Productions | Made possible with financial contributions by: Fonds 21, VSB Fonds, Gravin van Bylandt Stichting and KunstenIsrael.

Good To Know: OFFline can be tailor-made to specific venues and presented in different formats and lengths. The choreographic part by itself can be performed as a stand-alone piece titled Phase Three (25min). 

OFFline. Photo’s: Klaus Dilger