Pictures of Things

Pictures Of Things

Full-evening performance for a group of amateur dancers.
A colorful collection of thirteen dance enthusiasts from various corners of the world gets together at the Monday Movement Class in Korzo. Working with the various choreographers during the weekly open classes leaves a subtle but lasting trace on their lives. On the participant’s own initiative, this inspiration was given form by delving into a creative process with one single choreographer. The group chose Amos Ben-Tal, who together with his collective OFFprojects created the interdisciplinary performance Pictures Of Things with and for them. An ode to all the little decisions and encounters that shape our lives and identities.

Première: May 31st. 2016, Korzo Theater, Den Haag

Pictures of Things / OFFprojects

Credits | Choreography, music: Amos Ben-Tal | Video: Milena Twiehaus | Advice: Aurélie Cayla | Dancers: Pia Rener, Henriëtte Bernal, Charlotte Heilmann, Kwok Wan, Dasha Kolesnyk, Youki Verloo, Stefano Zucchini, Irene van Zeeland, Iulia Maracine, Ana Blanxer, Simone van Dordrecht, Fazle Shairmahomed, Judith van der Made | Light design: Peter Lemmens | Production: Korzo productions | Made possible with financial contributions by: Cultuurschakel and Fonds1818.

Pictures of Things, images: Milena Twiehaus