Performance installation. Duration: 15min

Premiere: January 25th 2019, Cadance Festival, Den Haag

The performance is set to a slowly developing text that explores cycles of hope and fear, acknowledging that both are a result of one’s awareness of the passing of time. The poem serves as both music and master-clock, reminding us of the subjectivity of our time experience as well as counting down the 15 minutes of the work in a precise and objective way. 

The installation Seconds is part of the umbrella-project 60, where OFFprojects investigates the human concept of time and its many dualities and contradictions.

“An impressive dance installation. What Ben-Tal does with one’s perception of space, time and human interaction is extremely fascinating.” … Trouw * * * *

concept and choreography Amos Ben-Tal | design and artistic advice Yvan Dubreuil | performance Aurélie Cayla, Rubén Garcia Arabit, Luca Cacitti, Wolf Govaerts | special thanks to  Xavier van Wersch 

Seconds is a production of OFFprojects in coproduction with Korzo productions and ICK Amsterdam and was made possible thanks to Performing Arts Fund NL.

all images by Milena Twiehaus @OFFprojects