The Fear, song and poem of 60

The Fear, poem and song of 60

This is the poem that Amos wrote and that has accompanied the entire 60 project from its very beginning. The dualities and cycles it presents are intimately tied to the human perception of time, so it is something we keep on coming back to when working on this project. 

Much like the whole project that was created gradually over several years, this text is not a finished ‘thing’. It is a modular, ever-changing poem that has many versions and iterations. Some parts of it have been used in several different songs (see below), some parts are spoken live in the performances of 60 and there are also several auxiliary verses that branch off of the main text and create little pockets of their own.

Here is the full version of the main text. In this iteration it formed the soundtrack (and the clock) for the installation-performance Seconds.