Dance work for three women. Duration: 23 minutes

Premiere: 13 April 2018, Korzo Theater Premiere full-evening version of ’60’: July 2019

Triumvirate is the first installment of the ongoing project ’60’. In this series of works OFFprojects examine the human concept of time-keeping.

There are countless cultures and religions in the world but everywhere people count time in the same way, units of sixty. Yet this most mathematical and universal of human constructs is also one of the most abstract and subjective ones. To each of us time feels different.

In Triumvirate Amos and OFFprojects begin the process of investigating this and other dualities that arise from the ‘ritual’ of counting time. The stripped down presentation initially gives the feeling of an ‘etude’, but the accumulation of time-experiences, pressures and tasks that the three women perform reveals an underlying humanity and a haunting sensation of non-linearity.

Credits | Choreography and Music: Amos Ben-Tal | Dance: AurĂ©lie Cayla, Genevieve Osborne and Milena Twiehaus | Artistic advice: Yvan Dubreuil | Light: Xavier van Wersch & Amos Ben-Tal

Good to know: Triumvirate has very simple technical requirements and fits well in mixed-bill programs (together with Ziggurat, for example)

all images by Milena Twiehaus @ OFFprojects