60 on tour soon

Very soon our tour of 60 will start. We’re starting at Korzo Theater in Den Haag on March 5&6 after which we’ll travel through the country. 

The first shows at Korzo will be special for a few reason. We have made many changes to 60 since it was first performed at Julidans 2019. So it is a bit of a premier. Also because we are adding Xanthe van Opstal to the cast (who is working very very hard at the moment).

In addition, the performance-installation Seconds will be remounted. You can go see the 15min performance before and after the show.

On the 6th of March the interdisciplinary artist Gosse de Kort will be giving a short lecture: time and form in movement. This happens just before the show at 19:45.

Lastly you can see a small collection of images made especially for this occasion in the foyer. 

Slowly but surely, the small, staccato movements become more pronounced.  And just as a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day, sometimes the seemingly erratic movements come together into something resembling a consistent choreography.

It’s a fascinating scene, and a good platform for Ben-Tal’s singular dance moves: graceful yet sharp, unpredictable yet coherent.

.” Bregtje Schudel, 2019, movementexposed.com

“The movements are initially investigative and discovering, later they become more exuberant […] but never aimed at virtuosity. They are given a headstrong, playful quality: soft and elegant, sometimes pedantic. This gives the strict perception of time in 60 a humorous counterbalance. Add the traditional way in which the choreographer puts his dancers in the space and you get a tasteful, versatile representation of a thinking dancer.” Dick van Teylingen, 2019, Theaterkrant.nl

Photography: Alwin Poiana