60 on NL tour 5 March – 22 April

UNFORTUNATELY SOME SHOWS HAD TO BE POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19. We are all looking to find alternate performance dates, as we really want to share this evening with you. We will keep you updated here, on facebook and instagram. Check the agenda for details of new dates and a link to the theater to find out what to do with your current show ticket.

The tour of 60 has started! After a great kick-off of two shows at Korzo Theater in Den Haag, we’re now travelling through the country. 

Xanthe van Opstal, brand new to the cast, has had her premiere and is now fully part of the adventure.

In selected cities, interdisciplinary artist Gosse de Kort will be giving a short lecture: time and form in movement. These will be giving shortly before the show and are about 30 minutes long. Each city has a special hometown guest that will partake in this conversation. For details check the agenda.

In addition, the performance-installation Seconds will be remounted in Frascati. You can go see the 15min performance before and after the show.

Slowly but surely, the small, staccato movements become more pronounced.  And just as a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day, sometimes the seemingly erratic movements come together into something resembling a consistent choreography.

It’s a fascinating scene, and a good platform for Ben-Tal’s singular dance moves: graceful yet sharp, unpredictable yet coherent.

.” Bregtje Schudel, 2019, movementexposed.com

“The movements are initially investigative and discovering, later they become more exuberant […] but never aimed at virtuosity. They are given a headstrong, playful quality: soft and elegant, sometimes pedantic. This gives the strict perception of time in 60 a humorous counterbalance. Add the traditional way in which the choreographer puts his dancers in the space and you get a tasteful, versatile representation of a thinking dancer.” Dick van Teylingen, 2019, Theaterkrant.nl

Photography: Alwin Poiana