Good news & new online content

We’ve been selected as one of the ‘makers of now’ for the platform In Art We Trust Fund.

This is an initiative of We Are Public, a cultural subscription-program that offers a curated program of shows and art events for it’s members. 

In it’s current adapted version, they chose every month fifteen makers from various disciplines and the members-fees go directly to support the artists. We’re very proud to have been selected. The financial contribution is very welcome of course, but mainly it’s a wonderful way to stay connected to our audience.  

If you are a member of We Are Public you can login and ‘heart’ our page, this will increase the contribution we get 🙂

New online content

For the past few months the only way to experience dance has been on screen. This sudden shift has made the camera a necessary intermediary between the dancer and the audience. 

Indulging in our fascination with this medium and acknowledging this new reality, we’ve been exploring new ways of capturing physicality and choreographing through a lens.

This has lead to two little projects:

VOLITION 1 – a durational video experiment

In this work we let the intuitive moving body interact directly with the video format, without the mitigation of a ‘traditional’ choreography. Like our latest production 60, this video is exactly one hour long. It can be viewed in parts or played in the background, revisited over the duration. Of course you are also welcome to watch the whole thing 😉 


Our fascination with the concept of time has often lead us to want to capture movement by freezing it in photos, something that can’t be done live.

Half-Life is a short choreography of still images. 

We hope you are all well and healthy, and we hope to see you soon. Warm greets, OFFprojects – Amos, Aurélie, Milena, Gen and Yvan