Howl at Motel Mozaique 2017: an impression

Last Saturday April 8th, we performed Howl at the music- and arts festival Motel Mozaique 2017 in Rotterdam. In a special setting in the foyer of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, with an unexpected, massive crowd all around us, we shared stories, music, dance, thoughts and laughter. We had a great time! Thanks to everyone who was there! See you around for the theatretour.

Picture: Arie Kievit

Here are some quotes we found about the event:

“Motel Mozaïque distinguished itself by its multidisciplinary nature. On your way to a rockconcert you could dwell with Spinvis who held an improvised “talkshow” in the foyer of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. in which dancers translated words and songs into dance.”  Jan Vollaard, NRC, 2017 Read the full article here (Dutch only)

“Besides concerts, the program existed of theater, dance and performance art, framed by art installations at various locations in the city. This way it was possible that you, while on your way, rushing for a concert in the Arminiuskerk, were suprised and mesmerized by the impressive dancers of choreographer Amos Ben-Tal, who, together with Spinvis, performed Howl in the foyer of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.” Joris Belgers, TROUW, 2017 Read the full article here (Dutch only)