Looking back at a journey through memory and identity

Photo: Rob HogeslagWe look back at three uplifting performances including the special première of Howl. We were very touched by how the audience went with us on this journey through memory and identity, and we hope that somewhere along that journey they also found a bit of their selves. Without the audience’ empathy and imagination, Howl would not be what it is.

Special thanks to our special guests of the shows: Jetta Klijnsma, Leo Spreksel and Patrick Nederkoorn.

The press about Howl:

“More then the choreographies, the piece is about the question how movement purposes are experiences by the spectator. A succesful project that strikingly illustrates the theme of the 18th edition of CaDance: ‘The Art of Seeing’.”  **** Annette Embrechts, 2017, Volkskrant

“Do not expect a performance that is completed or finnished. Do expect something that is well thought through and briljant.” Ruben Brugman, 2017, Cultureelpersbureau.nl

“Spinvis’ questions to the dancers come from a genuine quriosity and show how personal relationships are of meaning and effect their development. […] This way Howl gradually becomes a journey through the body showing its possibilities for the reproduction of fun, fantasy and philosophy.” Marcelle Schots, 2017, Theaterkrant.nl

Photo’s: Rob Hogeslag