A short multi-disciplinary dance performance. Duration: 18 minutes  

Ziggurat was the first piece Amos created after leaving his career as a dancer at NDT in 2007. It formed the beginning of his investigation into the three elements that still dominate his work today: movement, music and text. The title refers to the giant ancient structures that are believed to have inspired the myth of the tower of Babel. Certain versions of this myth tell the story of the origin of languages.                                                                                                                                                                 In this short trio for dancer, speaker and musician Amos lets the three elements resonate beside and through each other in different ways. This process allows new poetic interpretations and constructs a hybrid abstract language of movement and sound.

In April 2018 Ziggurat was recreated with OFFprojects for the special event Just Once.

Credits | Choreography, Music and Text: Amos Ben-Tal first version (2007): Andi Schermoly (speaking), Henk Koorn (music), Amos Ben-Tal (dance) | second version (2018): Genevieve Osborne (speaking), Milena Twiehaus (music), Amos Ben-Tal (dance) | artistic advice: Yvan Dubreuil | light & sound: Xavier van Wersch & Amos Ben-Tal

Good to know: this piece can also be performed on very small stages. Full-length video available upon request.

all images by Milena Twiehaus @OFFprojects